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GIVE US A CALL 512-696-1508 we are available 24/7, and we can dispatch one of our highly trained professionals in West Lake Hills who have the proper experience to rid any structure of raccoons. Once the Raccoons are out our tech's in West Lake Hills upon hire can use the necessary heavy duty construction grade materials to permanently keep the raccoons out as well as cleanup the mess left behind. (ATTIC DECONTAMINATION)

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Our work is ALWAYS backed by a Warranty.

Leave The Messy Attic & Dangerous Ladder Work To Us!

Our technicians in West Lake Hills are highly experienced with all roof types and attics as well as with all property types whether its commercial or residential we can get the Raccoons out and Keep Them Out. We've seen it all, We've done it all, no matter the structure type we can handle it!

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If you feel your attic or property in West Lake Hills has a problem with raccoons give us a call and a representative in West Lake Hills will be sent to your location to perform a thorough Site Evaluation which consists of inspecting of the roof, attic space, and any/all other concerning areas.

Raccoon Removal West Lake Hills, 78746
Raccoons causing damage in your home or business in West Lake Hills? Call our state certified raccoon removal experts. We are state certified, fully licensed and insured with years of experience in West Lake Hills raccoon removal. We deal with residential and commercial raccoon problems in West Lake Hills using methods that are safe and effective for your family, pets, home, and business. Our humane techniques of removal are why we are the best choice for homeowners, businesses, property managers, and government. Our raccoon removal step-by-step solutions will effectively solve raccoon problems permanently.

No obligation, on-site evaluation.
Humane, Poison free, trapping and removal solutions.
Complete exterior seal-up of the residential or commercial structure.
Decontamination of affected areas.
Guaranteed work, with a warranty to count on.
We specialize in raccoons and other wildlife.

Most of the common calls we receive in West Lake Hills pertain to Raccoons in the attic or crawlspace, and damage is almost guaranteed, so raccoon control is needed.

We can remove raccoons promptly and safely. Our humane solutions remove raccoons, and our restoration team can repair any raccoon damage. We cleanup any contamination or debris left behind. Raccoon trapping can be difficult if you’re not a professional. Failed attempts to trap a raccoon or control a raccoon problem, can cause a raccoon to become “trap shy” and they will gradually stay away from traps. Let our professionals control your raccoon problems safely.

Follow these steps to keep raccoons from living in your attic, crawlspace, or in proximity to your home.

– Keep trash cans tightly closed.
– Do not feed pets outdoors.
– Eliminate dog and cat doors.
– Ensure there are no openings to the attic or crawlspace.
&ndansh; Make sure your chimney is capped.
– Remove bird and squirrel feeders.
– Do not feed wildlife.
– Eliminate water sources.

As any wildlife living residentially, raccoons will seize a opportunity at a free meal of dog or cat food or even drink or wash off in your back yard pool. Proper precautions can eliminate future problems when dealing with residential raccoons.

Raccoon Insurance Claims
Advanced Wildlife Management works with insurance providers on raccoon damage and repair claims. There are several claims that some insurance providers will try to deny that they cover. We are on your side and looking out for you, the homeowner. We can ensure you are treated fairly because we can deal with your insurance company.

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We Specialize In West Lake Hills Raccoon Removal & Permanent Solutions

We specialize in Raccoon Removal of any structure type in West Lake Hills, whether it be residential or commercial. We regularly remove raccoons from attics, chimneys, etc.

Safely removing wildlife and making the proper repairs and modifcaions to your structure is essential to preventing future raccoon entry. Our staff has the knowledge and experience to safely and effectively remove raccoons and keep them out permanently "Guaranteed". This is a job that is best left to an experienced professional. Raccoons are also known to cause damage to attic insulation (Insulation Removal) as well as leave behind fecal matter. If any animal fecal matter is present in your attic space, make sure to do a little research aboutDangerous Animal Feces and what we can do to protect you and your family/business.

If you feel your attic or property has a problem with raccoons give us a call and a representative will be sent to your location to perform a site evaluation, which consists of inspection of the roof, attic space, and any other concerning areas. During the site evaluation a technician will be determining the severity of your problem as well as what areas are vulnerable to future entry.

"We Get 'em Out & Keep 'em Out"

Raccoon Feces     

Knowing how to recognize raccoon droppings is important to you because raccoon feces can be extremely dangerous.  Many people live near raccoons and don’t even now it. Raccoons are well known to live in the metro Austin area.  If raccoons are present in the area where you live, you probably know that they are fierce as well.  They will tip over garbage cans, destroy gardens, tear apart chimneys/siding to gain access to properties, cause severe damage within attic's, and if they are cornered, they have also been known to attack a person or other animal.

Raccoon feces can carry several diseases that are potentially serious.  Rabies and distemper are sometimes an issue, but they are rare.  Distemper will make the raccoons forage more during the day and act unusually aggressive.  Distemper can spread from the infected animal to any domestic pets that come into contact with the raccoon feces.

A more dangerous disease that raccoon feces can contain is a parasite called Baylisascaris procyonis.  This is a type of roundworm that can also infect humans.  If this parasite is transferred to humans, it can be extremely dangerous.  If you have Raccoon Feces in the Attic, an Attic Decontamination is highly recommended.