Raccoons are notorious for getting into chimney’s and fireplaces. Our experts commonly see raccoons utlilizing chimney’s as it offers a secluded, sheltered location from outside weather. This is also a great location for a raccoon to have babies, as there is very little outside interference into a chimney.

I would caution you, not to be too quick to open up your damper, or you could end up with a raccoon in the interior of your home.

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Call Us today for raccoon removal from the chimney. We also offer dropping removal, and chimney cap installation to animal proof your chimney.

Identification of damage caused by raccoons can easily be determined from droppings, tracks, and trails of debris. When raccoons are in the attic, most clients refer to the sound as, its someone walking around in my attic. As soon as you notice raccoon activity, prompt action is needed to eliminate further damage. Call today for immediate raccoon removal.